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The Kindergarten 1 Programs in Global Sevilla Preschool Jakarta Barat

Global Sevilla school does not only accept adult students. Kindergarten level can also be found in this school. As one of the international schools in Capital city, Jakarta, you don’t need to worry about the quality. All because there are teachers who are experienced and qualified. It is one of the international preschool Jakarta Barat that has trusted quality. For information about the kindergarten 1 program in this school, you can read further.


Here Is The Program Purpose 

Global Sevilla Preschool in Jakarta

  1. Motor Development

To teach motor development, the teachers use drawing and coloring as the media. The purpose of color and draw is not just to increase imagination and creativity, but this activity is also the child’s first exercise to hold a pencil properly. Scratching when holding a crayon requires eye coordination and fine hand muscles. It slowly teaches the child to hold a pencil or crayon correctly.


  1. Personal Abilities

Every child born in this world with potential that is different from one another. Every parent has the most important task, namely developing the potential of their child. The great potential contained in these children must be developed. When educated and trained properly, the child’s abilities can develop optimally. in this preschool Jakarta Barat, children will be supported with various exercises that can develop their potential.


  1. The Logical Thinking

Logical thinking can hone children’s minds. The teachers telling the children to always repeat reading books at least 3 times so they can remember it. generally, the teachers will invite them to play riddles because it will encourage children to remember what they have read. Not only that, but the teachers here also often read interesting books to children and ask them back so they can easily remember. In this way, their logic will be well-honed.


  1. Giving Challenges

Making a child’s responsible person is not difficult. At Global Sevilla, students will be given some difficult conditions and problems while guiding them to solve problems. With this idea, learners will be trained independently to face various problems. A problem cannot exist without a solution, right? In this preschool Jakarta Barat, the school will give various conditions and situations to children to understand what the struggle means.


Choosing a quality kindergarten that can educate your child well is not a difficult thing. You can select Global Sevilla ( as your kindergarten list. Having teachers who master knowledge in various fields, this school is one of the best international schools in West Jakarta. How to register is easy, you can register online or offline depending on your condition. after graduating from this school, you will feel the greatness of your child’s intelligence